Once For a Wish... a night of superstition & cake. A show put on by a few of us at The Questors Theatre, Ealing for our exhibition elective. These are some of the photos I took of the event.


A couple of the photos i took during the docu-publication project. This was the butcher who delivered meat to the pub but is also a regular.


I was given this Kate Gibb print for my 21st last month. I love her screen prints.



Audio project CD packaging idea. To be refined, but something along these lines. The illustration was done while i was researching and collecting audio. Altered etc afterwards.


I've got the book The Firm, by Jocelyn Bain Hogg. The photography is extraordinary. Again, another journalistic/documentary style photographer relevant to the docu-publication.


Eggleston is one of my favourite photographers. I recently saw his latest exhibition at the Whitney in New York and thought it relevant to the docu-publication i'm part of.

Eggleston's colour photographs pinpoint the moment when colour photography began to be generally accepted as part of the language of art photography. Adopting processes previously used to manipulate advertising images, Eggleston set the precedent for colour documentary and art photography of the last twenty years. Eggleston finds in places such as shopping centres and ordinary interiors, "the uncommonness of the commonplace", as photographer Raymond Moore described it. Inspired by the beauty of family snapshots, Eggleston looks at the everyday and the overlooked in order to reveal them as remarkable.